Sasha Indarte

I'm an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. My research interests are in household finance, financial intermediation, and macroeconomics. I completed my PhD in Economics at Northwestern.


Recent Updates:

My paper, Moral Hazard versus Liquidity in Household Bankruptcy is now forthcoming in the Journal of Finance.

My paper, Financial Crises and the Transmission of Monetary Policy to Consumer Credit Markets was conditionally accepted at the Review of Financial Studies.

I've posted a preliminary draft for Explaining Racial Disparities in Personal Bankruptcy Outcomes (joint with Bronson Argyle, Ben Iverson, and Christopher Palmer). Comments and feedback are very welcome!

Predoc Position: I'm currently looking to hire a predoc (beginning July 2023) to work with me, Gideon Bornstein, and Sergio Salgado. You can read more about the position here. You can submit an application here. Priority application deadline: October 20, 2022.