Data and Models

Trained Race Imputation Model (download) — this zip file contains a Python function that implements the race imputation model for various US geographies (created for "Explaining Racial Disparities in Personal Bankruptcy"). The model is trained on over 30 million observations. See our paper for more information on how the model was developed and its performance. The zip file also contains cleaned race composition data (assembled from census data) for various US geographies as well as additional instructions on how to easily load and use the Python function. Please cite this paper if used. You can view the README file here.

Homestead and Wildcard Bankruptcy Exemption Data (download) — this dataset tracks the dollar amount of homestead and wildcard bankruptcy exemptions across all US states and DC from January 2000 to July 2021. The data were assembled for Moral Hazard versus Liquidity in Household Bankruptcy. See the paper's appendix for additional information on the construction of the data. Please cite if used.

Job Market

Job Market Organizer (download) — this is a template of the Excel file I used to organize job market info. It contains tabs that help track and plan applications, interviews, flyouts, reimbursements, and offers.