Moral Hazard versus Liquidity in Household Bankruptcy, January 2023 (Journal of Finance, forthcoming)
Winner of the Marshall Blume Prize in Financial Research (2022)
(previously titled The Impact of Debt Relief Generosity and Liquid Wealth on Household Bankruptcy)

Financial Crises and the Transmission of Monetary Policy to Consumer Credit Markets, July 2022 (Review of Financial Studies, conditionally accepted)

Working Papers

Bad News Bankers: Underwriter Reputation and Contagion in Pre-1914 Sovereign Debt Markets, August 2021

The Impact of Social Insurance on Household Debt, October 2022 (with Gideon Bornstein)

Explaining Racial Disparities in Personal Bankruptcy Outcomes, September 2022 (with Bronson Argyle, Ben Iverson, and Christopher Palmer)

The Costs and Benefits of Household Debt Relief, April 2022 (prepared for the 2022 INET Private Debt Initiative)

Work in Progress

The Origins of Serial Sovereign Default (with Chenzi Xu)
Awarded NSF Grant (with co-PI Chenzi Xu)

Inflation Expectations and Household Consumption-Savings Decisions: Evidence from Linked Survey-Transactions Data (with Ray Kluender, Ulrike Malmendier, and Michael Stepner)

Financial Constraints and the Housing Ladder (with David Berger and Konstantin Milbradt)